Learning python

This part of the website is dedicated to teaching beginners about programming. A lot of "newbies" find it easy to understand the terms used in programming but then find it very difficult to implement this into working programs. Programming involves three main parts as shown in the venn diagram below.

Programming terms - These are the special terms used to define a program. Every programming language will have their own terms, very similar to spoken languages. Most languages have a lot of similarity when it comes to these terms.

Syntax - This is the order that programming terms must occur in order to create a working program. Syntax of a language is very specific and must be adhered to in order for a program to compile and work.

Problem solving - This is the true nature of programming. Problems in the programming world involve understanding the problem before a single line of code has been

This website has been split into these sections. It is advised that they are read in order.