Problem definition

What is it?

This is where you find out what problems/issues your user has and decide on which ones you are going to try and fix. It is NOT how you are going to fix the problem.

What you need to include

Mark  descriptions

3 marks

Excellent description with all elements present.

2 marks

Some description of both the stages of study and end user involved.

1 mark

Vague description of the end user or area for development.

Top mark boundary

Middle mark boundary

Will contain MOST of the following-

Low mark boundary

Will include a brief description of some of the following –

Top tips

It is critical that, at this stage, you fully understand how the business works. If you take your time to understand this then the rest of the project becomes MUCH easier.
You should aim to get 2-3 marks on this section as it is a good indication on how well you understand the whole problem. Projects which get less than 2 tend to be poorly defined and poorly understood.