Key Stage 3 GCE Computer Science
KS3 resources to help develop students Computer Science skills. There is a big focus on Computer Science and the resources are being actively developed. In the future homework, support sheets and room entry tasks will be uploaded. (coming soon) Lesson resources used to teach the new OCR GCE Computer Science specification. It includes powerpoints, code examples and classroom activities. This is being actively developed. ComputingMrH youtube channel
Coding website with lots of example problems to solve ranging from KS3 all the way to A-level. Tasks are split by the skill they are trying to present and also by difficulty. In my youtube channel you can find programming tutorials, full lessons covering the GCE OCR Computer science specification and tutorials for various other Computer Science related stuff.
A-level computing (old) GCSE Computing (old)
A set of old webpages covering GCE OCR Computing. The information on these pages does not fully cover the new specification and should only be used for reference. It is not being actively updated. Old GCSE resources for OCR Computing. These do not cover the new specification fully and should only be used for reference.
Binary Grid game NIM Game
A fun little game to help students master the basics of the binary numbering system. A fun little puzzle game which requires computational thinking to master.
8 queens puzzle Camel puzzle
A tricky puzzle where you have to place 8 queens on a chess board so that they are unable to take each other. A take on the classic frogs puzzle. You have to move the camels over to the other side using a set of basic rules.
Dot placement Bishops move
A different version of the 8 queens puzzle. Move squares from one side to another, but they can only move diagonally. How many moves can you do it in? Note - does not work in Internet explorer.